About us

BALTICDRY is the Latvian brand for timber drying kilns produced in Latvia.

The goal of our company is to deliver timber drying kilns to the worldwide market with a reasonable quality and cost ratio. The key to our success is flexible adaptation to the demands and capabilities of our clients, in return for providing the most effective solutions, guarantees for our equipment and quality of work done.

We pay special attention of fitting into project deadlines - all production processes take place here in Latvia - under our strict control.

We offer the solutions for wide type of wood drying kilns - from small ones to 200 m3 and larger. The drying dimensions are specially adapted to the required lengths and timber loading / unloading requirements. In cooperation with reliable and quality Latvian manufacturers, we also provide the supply and installation of boilers (heating systems).

Our kilns are made of aluminium and stainless steel, making the structure durable for long periods of operation. We offer a selection of doors - both open and sliding .
We value our reputation very highly, so we design and construct our kilns in the way they serve well after long time of operation.

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